Other events

2014/ Feeding Cities: Rural-Urban Connections and the Future of Family Farming

23-24 Juin 2014 - Ryerson University, Toronto International symposium Co-sponsored by the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, this two days international conference commemorates the (...)

2015/ Geographical indications : recent international developments, governance and Gaziantep experience

10th april 2015 - Gaziantep - Turkey Organizing Institutions : Local Products and Geographical Indications Research Network in Turkey (YÜciTA), METRO Gross Market, Gaziantep (...)

2015/ Other ways of eating - Otras maneras de comer

9-12 june 2015 - Odela - Barcelone “Other ways of Eating : Choices, Beliefs and Restrictions” aimed to address the proliferation of alternative ways of eating that have emerged and (...)

2015/ Food Waste and Sustainability Concerns

3-4 Septembre 2015 - University of Wisconsin - Madison Food waste is a growing issue. The seminar covered its various dimensions as well as sustainable perspectives : Economic, (...)

2018 / Comer en la calle (Eating in the Cities)

The UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems, in partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), organized the second edition of the Symposium on “Eating in African, Latin (...)

2019 / Panel discussion "Activating territorial food systems for sustainability"

Given that up to 37% of human GHG emissions are linked directly to the global food system (IPCC 2019) and that more than 820 million people are food insecure and over 2 billion are (...)

2019 / Urban foodscapes around the world

At the 5th Annual Gathering of the MUFPP, the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems organises a public session about an urban foodscapes world tour with Foodscapes and Urbal researchers. (...)

2020 / 3rd edition “Eating in African, Latin American and Asian Cities”

Following the first edition held in Paris in late 2017 on “Urban food styles in Africa, Latin America and Asia”, which led to the publication of a book (Soula et al., 2020), and then the (...)