2019/ Urban foodscapes around the world

Montpellier is pleased to host the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact 5th Annual Gathering and Mayors’ Summit in Montpellier on October 7-9, 2019. The 5th Annual Gathering of the MUFPP will (...)

2015/ Food Waste and Sustainability Concerns

3-4 Septembre 2015 - University of Wisconsin - Madison Food waste is a growing issue. The seminar covered its various dimensions as well as sustainable perspectives : Economic, (...)

2015/ Other ways of eating - Otras maneras de comer

9-12 june 2015 - Odela - Barcelone “Other ways of Eating : Choices, Beliefs and Restrictions” aimed to address the proliferation of alternative ways of eating that have emerged and (...)

2015/ Geographical indications : recent international developments, governance and Gaziantep experience

10th april 2015 - Gaziantep - Turkey Organizing Institutions : Local Products and Geographical Indications Research Network in Turkey (YÜciTA), METRO Gross Market, Gaziantep (...)

2014/ Feeding Cities: Rural-Urban Connections and the Future of Family Farming

23-24 Juin 2014 - Ryerson University, Toronto International symposium Co-sponsored by the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, this two days international conference commemorates (...)